We wish everyone a beautiful life.




Check out the snow-chick's ear bobs!!


We had so much fun.

Shannon and a Sassy Outlaw

Shannon and a Sassy Outlaw
Texas Deep Freeze Fun!!






We cannot always recognize those who are fighting the demon cancer. Cancer is no respector of persons. Thank you Outlaws for looking beyond the obvious.


Excited to help other Outlaws!













Tuesday, December 15, 2009


WOW! AWESOME! OUTSTANDING! AMAZING! Does not even begin to describe the feelings the Outlaws had when they attended Kathi Allen's birthday bash last Saturday evening. Kathi called the Outlaws some weeks ago and asked if she could dedicate her 50th birthday party to Pink Outlaw and in lieu of presents she was going to ask her friends and family to donate to the Pink Outlaw cause. We were blown away by this idea and became excited to meet this generous gal.
Last Saturday was the big bash and let me tell you a good time was had by all. We finally had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Kathi. She is a dynamo wrapped in a small beautiful and exuberant package. Her friends and family decorated Artspace II in Ft. Worth with loving hands. The flowers, food, music and decor were all outstanding. Everyone was very generous and supportive of Kathi and her cause--The Pink Outlaws.
We are most grateful to Kathi, her friends and family for including us in this beautiful experience. The monies raised at this event will be used to push forward our next adventure into another "GREAT ESCAPE". We will keep you posted.
Once again we are thankful to Kathi and feel most blessed to add her to our beloved Outlaw Posse.
I will post the photos soon.
We wish everyone a safe, love filled and laugh surrounded holiday season.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


The Outlaws delivered enough DVD players to the Center for Cancer Care at JPS Hospital in Ft. Worth so that now each chemotherapy station will now have its very own DVD player. We also donated quite a library of movies for the patients to choose from.
Roy Threet, Administrator for the JPS Cancer Center was delighted with the donations and says now the patients can enjoy a movie as well as popcorn from a new popcorn machine the center just acquired.
We were pleased to have some of our posse on hand to help with the presentation of the players. Thanks to Charlotte Gray, Kat Grimes, Jill Zuteck, and Dee Post. You gals always light up the room.
We were honored to have Mr. Robert Earley, JPS President and CEO in attendance. We were also happy to meet some of the patients as well as the nurses and doctors who work in the Center.
We are working diligently to be able to continue with The Great Escape and other projects to help make life a little easier for those engaged in the fight against cancer.
I will post more pictures on our photo page soon.
We appreciate everyone who helps to make our projects become reality. We could not do it without your support, love and encouragement.
We wish all of you a blessed, safe and laughed filled holiday season.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just wanted to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving filled with laughter, love and beautiful memories.
Loving all of you,
The Outlaws

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello Outlaws! We are having fabulous weather here in our neck of the woods. It is much too nice to stay indoors and we hope you too have been enjoying a glorious Autumn wherever you hang your hat.
The Pink Outlaw "Great Escape" is just around the corner. Our plan is to have the DVD players, movies and ear pieces in the cancer center by the third week in November. Remember to check back and I will let you know when the Outlaws will be featured on Channel 11 News from Dallas. We are very excited about this exposure and are in the hopes it will help us get the "good word" out to more people. The more who know about our work and our mission, the more support we get thus the more people we can help.
The Original Outlaw Shannon, was pleased to have been a guest speaker for a group of special girls at Texas Wesleyan University on October 20th. Shannon loves sharing her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for life. Everyone had a great time. These girls of TWU called their event "Rams for the Cure Breast Cancer Awareness Night". They raffled opening game Mav's tickets, donated by Toby Rochau, raising $224.00, which they generously donated to Pink Outlaw. Some of these awesome young women are: Margo Wring, Helena Collins and Jacqueline Wittman. We thank everyone involved with this event and want them to know it is because of caring people such as these gals that we are able to continue to keep our mission on track. THANKS!!!
Shannon was also honored to be a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness program by The American Cancer Society at the Dallas Cowboy's half time show last week at the new Cowboy stadium. I understand it was quite spectacular. I will post a picture for you to enjoy.
Well, gang we thank you for your generous support and encouraging words, prayers and love.
Keep spreading the Pink Outlaw mission :"we will not conform"..
Get out and enjoy the sunshine...
Loving you.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Good rainy day outlaws,
We are so excited about seeing the "Great Escape" come to fruition. We will be placing the DVD players and movies in the Center for Cancer Care very soon. We are also thrilled that channel 11 news is going to cover this event. The more the word gets out about the Pink Outlaw mission the more people we can help. I will keep you posted. We are so thankful to you, our posse, for your support, prayers and words of kindness. These gals won the drawing held at our table at The American Cancer Society's Paint the Town Pink, last week. They won some fabulous Outlaw Wear!
CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J. Estes, E. Henerson, P. Burnett and K. Watson
Thanks to all of you who stopped to visit with us at our table.
This event was awesome. Everything from the decorations, food, vendors, hosts and fellow speakers were just simply inspiring. We are very thankful to have been asked to participate in this annual celebration of life. If you did not get the opportunity to attend this year, please mark your calendars and plan to attend next year. You will not be disappointed. I will post pictures to share with all of you soon.
I also wanted to let you know about a recent donation Pink Outlaw made to the JPS Center for Cancer Care . The Original Outlaw delivered a notable amount of urinary care products to the center. These necessary and most needed goods will be put to excellent use at the center for those patients requiring such care.
We are constantly striving to fulfill our mission: to help those who cannot help themselves and remember "WE WILL NOT CONFORM".
Please, feel free to contact us, we want to hear from our posse.
I hear the sun may be shining this weekend--yea! Let's all get out and blow bubbles, laugh and do a random act of kindness.
Love you all, The Outlaws...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Good morning Outlaws:
Hopefully you have read the wonderful article by Alyson Ward in the Fort Worth Star Telegram telling everyone about the Pink Outlaws and our mission. We are so appreciative of Alyson and her spirit in capturing our journey and our goals.
We have had much positive response and are hoping the donations will continue to be sent so we can supply cancer centers with the I-Pods and DVD players which will provide "The Great Escape" for those fighting the battle. Every penny designated for this purpose will go toward the supply of these escapes. If you have not sent your donation as of yet, please do so or order a hat or cute tee-shirt. We appreciate all your support and please know your generous support is making a huge difference in the lives of those who need it most.
You can check back to this blog for updates and news about the progress of "The Great Escape" and other adventures the Outlaws are planning.
We want to thank Mr. Steve Cosio,( our web designer and friend. Steve has done a fabulous job for the Outlaws. He has a giving and kind heart. We have come alive in cyberspace thanks to Steve's talent.
I also want to thank the Mansfield Antique Mall for their support. Outlaw Mom sells "goodies" in this fabulous, fun and friendly store. The sale of these treasures helps support Pink Outlaw and all that we do. So, thanks gang and please, if you have not had the great experience of shopping at this mall, stop by and check it out. My booth is 880 and all the Outlaws say thanks for stopping by and checking out Mom's "junque".
Well, it is raining again today and all the little fall flowers and bulbs are lapping up God's gift. We are so thankful to God and His mercy which he showers on us in many ways. We are most thankful to you, our supporters and friends.
The Original Outlaw, Shannon and Outlaw Mom--We love you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, posse, I had a grand time in NYC. I am a country gal (really mountain gal) at heart but do love the heartbeat of NYC.
I carried the Pink Outlaw message with me to all areas of the city. Our cards were passed out to everyone I had a chance to talk with about the Outlaws.
I even got up at the crack of dawn and stood in line at the "Today" show to get the word out. At midnight the night before I found a Walgreen's on Times Square. I decided I needed to make a poster board sign shouting the Pink Outlaw name. I bought some poster board and crayons and even at midnight there was a long line at the checkout counter! A lot of the kids had just left the Brittany Spears concert at Madison Square Garden. The city never sleeps! Everyone was so very nice and helpful. So, the next morning, like I said at the crack of dawn, I walk to 30 Rock with poster in hand . I did get some camera time by holding my sign right in front of the camera! I also was able to slip Matt Lauer a card. Who knows, he may even check us out. I sure gave it a good try.
I visited with a NYC fire chief who informed me the Twin Towers are being rebuilt. Of course he got a card too. I did visit ground zero and witnessed all the construction. It was an awesome sight and an indescribable feeling.
Soon, we will be telling all of you about the next project---"THE PINK OUTLAW GREAT ESCAPE". We are so excited about this and I know you will be too. Check out the September 27Th edition of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. The Pink Outlaws will be in the feature section. YEA! We are getting the word out and thanks to all of you The Outlaws are making a difference.
Until the next time and loving all of you,
Outlaw Mom

Saturday, August 8, 2009


You must check out the newest addition to our Outlaw Wear. She is the "Hippie Chick" and she definitely walks with attitude!
I just love the flowers in her hair and the leather sandals adorning her ever moving feet. She is always on the move , helping, talking and generally shouting about love, life and the pursuit of happiness.
This Chick is loving as well as sassy, not unlike all the Outlaw Chicks. She actually is worn on a cool more form fitting shirt. The material is so comfortable, strong, colorfast and wears just great. You can get her in all the regular styles too. Check her out and join the Pink Outlaw love fest!
We are doing some exciting things here at the Outlaw headquarters. I will let you know about them soon. I am anxious to share our new dream with all of you wonderful Outlaws.
We are also having some new media coverage and that too, I will share as soon as I know more.
Have a wonderful August. Be careful and know we love all of you.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We want to wish everyone a very Happy and SAFE 4th. of July. We are most blessed . Thanks to all our military and their families.
We hope everyone gets to eat all the hot dogs and watermelon they desire as well as see the night sky bright with the sights and sounds of freedom. We at Pink Outlaw did our share of celebrating with an invigorating night swim and running around with sparklers while shouting like little kids in the midnight Texas heat. It was so much fun.
Do check back soon as we are getting ready to release a new Outlaw design. We call her the "Hippie Chick" and she is a real charmer. She is perfect for the naturalist, gardener or anyone who likes "wild things"!! Remember, we at Pink Outlaw say" Sometimes you have to be differnt in order to make a difference!" Thanks for all your continued support. We will also bring you up to date on other news.
Happy 4th and have a great summer.
Loving you as always,
The Outlaws

Friday, June 19, 2009


First, let me say the trip to D.C. was amazing but certainly not without "stuff" which stories are made of. We were fortunate enough to get bulkhead seats which made the flight a lot more comfortable. We get settled in, buckled in and all loose items stored away in the overhead compartment( I take flight attendant orders to heart). We sit back in our compfy seats when we hear the captain say "We are having engine trouble!" Okay, these are not words you want to hear, but at least we were still on the tarmack. He continues to tell us that it is a bad fuel pump, but he thinks we can make the flight without it since the plane has two fuel pumps. Okay, we are a bit nervous but figure he knows what he is talking about--he is a pilot not a mechanic--we must not let this logic interfere with our excitement over this trip. We are now sitting still and do so for about an hour--no more news until the pilots voice is once more heard through nervous ears, " We have had the pump checked (logic here) and have decided to disembark everyone and find you new flights .
We unbuckle, gather up our stored items and wonder if we will be able to get a flight and especially get another bulkhead seat. You have never seen agitation until you are on a plane with over two hundred agitated travelers. Never mind that we are safe--we run to the ticket counters, along with all two hundred plus others, , slinging our bags over hunched shoulders, clenching boarding passes in sweaty palms and praying we will be able to get those dang bulkhaed seats!
Shannon has been plagued with bad knees since she played baseball on the boys baseball team ( another story for another time), but this did merit us a ride on an airport shuttle bus. Whew! We made it to the right gate, which by the way was in an entirely different terminal--thanks for the bad knees, Shannon!! Yes, we were able to get the bulkhead seat!! The flight was uneventful, we get to Dulles Airport safe and sound altho hours later than expected. We land, start to unbuckle when we hear the oh so familiar voice of the pilot, "There has been a breech of security and we must remain on the tarmack!" Okay--at least we are close to our desination, we are tired, ready to get away from all things "airportish", but we laugh and open another bag of peanuts. Quite some time later we are told we can now deplane. Yea! We are now almost five hours late.
We FINALLY get to the Hilton, after taking a shuttle from the airport . We throw our bags into the room and decide to head to the city, which is a shuttle ride, a bus ride and a subway ride away> What do we know, we are from Texas where our neighbors still ride horses to the little store down the road. We get o the part where we board a city bus, all good so far. then the driver tells us he can get us to the city but the bus cannot bring us back! This is not working for us, so we (after Shannon has paid her non-refundable fee) get off the bus and head back to the hotel shuttle. Now, at this point you are probably tired of hearing about our first day in D.C.--well keep reading as the best is yet to come.
We pay the shuttle driver extra to take us to get something to eat. We get to the restaurant and guess what--yep--they are closing in five minutes. We go another restaurant, a Chinese buffet, and they have stopped putting food out , it is only 9:30pm , who does this?? We talk them into putting some of the , who knows how long it has been out food into a microwave. We finally get some food into our empty bellies and head back to the room to get some much needed rest. It is now past midnight. Shannon has to be in her meeting early. Oh, and by the way it has been raining and will continue to rain until the very last day of the trip. Have umbrella Outlaws will travel!! We hit the bed and fall into a quick sleep. 5AM!!! the hotel fire alarm goes off! A voice booms into the room telling us to leave immediately and do not worry about taking anything with us--just ourselves and do it NOW!Oh! I've got to tell you, by this time we are so tired all we can do is laugh. In the lobby they tell us it is a false alarm. Go back to our rooms. Shannon's and my eyes are now totally glazed over. Ummm sweet sleep..NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! the ALARM GOES OFF AGAIN. Shannon mumbles something about "I am not going anywhere" and snores away.I, being the mother, head to the lobby muttering "Are you kidding me?, stumbling along with the rest of the half clad hotel guests. We are told the issue has been resolved and it is at this point I notice all the handsome firemen dressed in those sexy hats and here I am in my ragged flannels and not a smidgen of mascara.
I head back to the room, get dressed, leave Shannon to what minutes are left of precious sleep and I head to the big city via shuttle, city bus, subway and big Texas feet.....
It really was an awesome experience seeing our Nation's capitol, walking where our forefathers walked and seeing lovely people everywhere. You can read about the important work Shanon was a part of elsewhere on this site. Take a look and see what the Outlaws are up to. Check out the photos and let us know how you are doing. I know there are going to be more adventures and we will let you come along for the ride--pack your best running shoes because we do not stay put for very long.
Loving you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, Pink Outlaws, we made the trip to our capitol and are now back in the great state of Texas.
Next week I will write all about it--the mishaps, mysteries and excellent adventure of the Original Outlaw and her "I'm going to see it all" mom. You will have to check back to read all the details and to see the photos documenting our travel saga. Until then have a great day and I will catch you in a few days.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Greetings to all you Outlaws!
Wanted to let everyone know what we have been up to. The Original Outlaw, Shannon has been very busy of late. First, a few weeks ago she was on the prominent radio show of the famous Doc Gallagher ( of Zig Ziglar fame). Doc has a very large following as he offers unique and timely financial advice as well as current talk as to what is happening in our world. Shannon did a great job and we have had very pleasing response from her appearance. I am sure this will not be the last time our Original Outlaw will be heard on the air waves.

Shannon and I were graciously invited to attend the Ft. Worth Breast Cancer Symposium at the Modern Art Museum on April 9th. It was a wonderful experience. The speakers were informative and entertaining. They covered everything from genetics to sex! Yes, I said the "S" word, even I ( old Outlaw Mom) learned a thing or two!

The Pink Outlaws had a fabulous time at the Relay for Life this year in Ft. Worth. The Outlaws raised more than $5,000!!! I have put a few pictures of this amazing event here on the blog and will post more on the picture page this week. Take a look and see how much fun everyone had. Some of the events were so amusing and brought smiles to all the faces and others brought tears from the heart. We thank everyone who helped make this years Relay such an overwhelming success.

Now, for some really exciting news---Shannon has been chosen to sit on a panel for the Department of Defense Medical Research Team on breast cancer in Washington D.C. She and I will be leaving for the Capitol the first of May. We are both very excited about this opportunity. She has a load of reading and studying to do before the panel meets. This is not going to be an easy assignment , but one which she is more than able to handle. I, will be involved in some very heavy history lessons! When Shannon has a free minute, I will be ready to be the tour guide. We will be wearing our Pink Outlaw shirts all over D.C. and will certainly try to get a card through the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!!

The Pink Outlaws were very blessed and privileged to help a cancer victim purchase an airline ticket to his home so he could say good-bye to his children. His prognosis is not a good one and he is now on hospice. He was so thankful for the help, but we were the truly blessed ones. This is what Pink Outlaw is all about. Paying it forward. We are hoping to be able to make greater differences in more lives in the near future. We thank all of you for making this possible.

So, I will check back when we return from D.C. and share photos and memories with you. In the meantime smile and know you are loved.
Outlaw Mom

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, gang we had a blessed and most wonderful time at the Young Breast Cancer Survivor's Conference in Dallas. I will be posting all our great photos soon. Please, check them out.
We met so many courageous women sporting beautiful smiles flowing from joyous spirits.

We were joined by Pink Outlaws Charlotte and Candy. These gals are two hard working Outlaws with the ability to bring not only physical strength to our effort but positive attitudes capped with welcoming laughter.

We were touched by women's stories from all over the world, from Africa to Australia and beyond! This nasty cancer has no boundaries. One thing for sure, these vibrant ladies are all fighters.

We danced, we laughed, we made new friends and gathered tons of new information which we hope to share with you soon.

Pink Outlaw received so many positive comments which encouraged us to continue with our quest to help those who cannot help themselves. Soon our pal "The Masked Avenger" will be doing another anonymous random act of kindness. Stay tuned and I will bring you all the details.

We thank you for your continued support. There are some wonderful things in the works for us Outlaws. I can't wait to share these opportunities with all of you. We could not do anything without our most appreciated Outlaw Gang. We love all of you..
Outlaw Mom and Original Outlaw Shannon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Pink Outlaws will be an exhibitor at the 9th annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer Febraury 27th thru March 1st. This conference will be held at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. If you or you know of anyone who could benefit from this conference please pass the word. You can reach the information page at
There will a ton of information available as well as learned speakers giving up to date news on breast cancer treatments and workshop sessions.
I know we will be meeting people from all over the United States and hearing some awesome stories. I will tell you all about it when we are home and rested from all the excitement. My old head will be bursting with stories and new found knowledge.
Spring is just around the corner. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine and know we are thinking about you.
Outlaw Mamma Zee

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, gang another wonderful experience for a proud mother. JPS held their annual Spirit Awards last night at the Fort Worth Club (in Ft. Worth, of course)! I must say the atmosphere was elegant right down to the scrumptous food and the harpist supplying the beautiful music.
Every year JPS selects from the over 4,000 employees finalists for the Spirit Award. This year our Miss Shannon was one of the top ten finalists. This is quite an honor. Shannon as well as this mom, feel very blessed.
It truly was an amazing evening.
The special speaker was Pastor Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jr. He delivered an inspiring message which certainly resonates with us here at Pink Outlaw. The point he made was to think of others first, be selfless and put your heart into giving. We hope to continue this message and
commit many more acts of kindness around our world.
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